New Mondis product for long distance monitoring- 50km

Mondis MFOLR Plug-In module for monitoring fiber optic cables up to 50km long.

Mondis Fiber Optic Long Range that extends the capabilities of the Mondis system in terms of up to 50 km optical fiber integrity degradation and attenuation changes monitoring.

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Loren Networks is official partner of Fujitsu

We are proud to announce that we are now an official representative of Fujitsu General. With the new partnership, we are expanding our portfolio of integrated intelligent communications solutions, in an effort to meet the growing needs of the market!

Loren Networks AD participated in the forum "Education for Economic Growth and Social Inclusion - the Role of the Municipalities"

The forum was attended by scientists,  business and local government representatives who gathered to disscuess the practice and enrich them with new solutions for skills and competences, for younger creativity and entrepreneurship. In the discussion, participants in the forum – over 150 mayors, representatives of higher and secondary education, business from the Smolyan region and the country commented on good practices and new ideas for adequate response of the local authorities, the European and national vision for the role of education in the context of the challenges of Era 4.0.

Loren Networks supports the popularization of the contribution of Bulgarian scientists to world space technologies

The Foundation Vision for Science and Technology Growth, together with the State Agency Archives, has organized an exhibition dedicated to prof. Widen Tabakoff – the Bulgarian who was included in the team of Wernher von Braun, thus later contributing to the landing of Neil Armstrong on the Moon. The Foundation had transferred his documents from the University of Cincinnati, USA to the State Agency Archives, and had since worked on creating a scholarship fund for students in his name. The exhibition opening will be held on September 14, 2018, at 11 am, in the exhibition hall of the State Agency Archives in Sofia, 5 Moskovska Street and will be exhibited until 07.10.2018. In this regard, we would like to invite you to the opening. The US Ambassador, Mr. Eric Rubin, confirmed that he will participate and highlight Professor Tabakoff’s contribution to the US space program. For participation in this part of the event. Later that day – at 2 pm in the panoramic restaurant of Sense Hotel, located on 16 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., there will be a reception for donors for the Fund in the name of Prof. Widen Tabakoff for scholarships.