Look for the new issue of Energia magazine from the specialized publishing house El Media. You will read about our latest innovatione in the field of infrastructure maintenance and protection.

Loren Networks is presenting Tech Innovation Review
We are proud to announce a new project- monthly Tech innovation review newsletter, created specially for those who are interested to know more about the new technical trends in power supply and ICT innovations!
The main goal of the bulletin is to inform you about the latest news, products and services in the field of IT, network and power supply equipment from leading manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, Fujitsu, Eltek, Delta, as well as local industries. We will introduce you to our highly qualified specialists who support the preparation, installation and maintenance processes.
Many of our partners have shown interest in the new products we develop and this inspired us to send you regular information about the main trends in the telecom market.
Thank you for your support and trust!
Please follow the link for more information: June_Loren_Newsletter
Loren Networks is Delta Authorized Service partner





We are proudly announsing that we are Delta Authorized Servise partner for UPSs installation. Our colleagues have successfully fulfilled the certification requirements for the program.

Our team could support you with:
 Apply proper first-aid measures to support the problem finding process.
 Bring the UPS into a safe operation mode in order to protect the load of the customer.
 Deal with customers in a professional and sales-oriented manner with keeping Delta’s
business interests in mind.
 Safely install a UPS system.
 Properly fill in and archive the commissioning protocol.
 Read and record UPS events.
 Upload and download firmware to the UPS controller.

New Mondis product for long distance monitoring- 50km

Mondis MFOLR Plug-In module for monitoring fiber optic cables up to 50km long.

Mondis Fiber Optic Long Range that extends the capabilities of the Mondis system in terms of up to 50 km optical fiber integrity degradation and attenuation changes monitoring.

For more information: https://bit.ly/33u3Yr4