The Mondis system monitors and controls communication cables integrity and critical infrastructure access. The system consists of remote monitoring units with dual network connectivity, server ( integrated FrontEnd, monitoring logic and database ) and operator workstation. Every single line is scanned 24/7 over single fiber or copper pair.


Mondis automatically detects and locates faults on dark and active fibers as well as dedicated copper pairs. The basic principle of the system operation does not require any additional intervention on the existing and already built cable network. The Mondis system visualizes the monitoring objects on a real map with a user friendly and easy-to-understand graphical user interface (GUI). In case of fault the map is focused in the area of the event and alert about that fault is displayed.

  • About system

    Mondis is а Cable Control System for monitoring, diagnostic and protection of telecommunications cables....

  • Module Fiber Optic short range

    Mondis MFOSR Plug-In module for monitoring fiber optic cables up to 12km long.

    Mondis Fiber Optic...

  • Module Fiber Optic long range

    Mondis MFOLR Plug-In module for monitoring fiber optic cables up to 120km long.

    Mondis Fiber Opti...

  • Module Copper Cable

    Mondis MCC Plug-In module for monitoring copper cables up to 12km long.

    Mondis Copper cable Plug-...

  • Module Critical Infrastructure

    Mondis MCCI Plug-In module for monitoring outdoor cabinets, shafts, racks boxes, etc.

    Mondis Crit...

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