Internet of things (IoT)

Loren Networks provides high-tech solutions for your business. New generation IoT products and services that follow the latest trends in connecting your business with your customers. The platform is one of the first of its kind in our market and is launched in partnership with one of the largest telecoms in Bulgaria - Vivacom.The IоТ services are providing you a remote monitoring and localization of objects and timely notification in case of an event. This helps prevent accidents, optimize companies' costs by analyzing information and responding quickly to limit damage in the event of an event. An important advantage is the ability to customize the solutions according to the specific needs of the business.

Services and products are now available on the market. Ask your personal Vivacom business consultant about them.

  • Angie IoT
    IoT solution for location, temperature and humidity monitoring. Angie Smart is a universal IoT platform, suitable for both mobile and stationary assets with a b...
  • VivaSmart Locator
    VivaSmart Locator provides the ability to monitor mobile assets. With VivaSmart Locator you can track the location and direction of your important assets...
  • VivaSmart Monitor

    VivaSmart Monitor provides an opportunity to monitor the environmental condition of assets, measure temperature and humidity.

    Receive notifica...