Mondis Monitoring & Diagnostic energy system

Predictive maintenance of the distribution grid and elements of the electrical equipment MV/LV for monitoring/control medium and low voltage lines.
The project has been supported of Innovation Norway for the development of Electric Grid Control System (EGCS) named Mondis eregy will undoubtedly contribute to the outcome “Increased competitiveness of enterprises registered in the beneficiary country”


Minimizing the number of unexpected outages

Additional revenue generation by dynamically overbooking the capacity

Reduce the OPEX and influence Capex as well

Planning repairment activities

Less need of recycling and less waste

This project will contribute significantly to decrease CO2, CO emissions, due to less fuel used for monitoring

Less metal and insulation production

Monitoring and diagnostic functionalities

Capacity monitoring/management as well as health status analysis of the distribution grid

Predict the time, type and location of faults before they happen

Prevent negative impact in the form of a power outage

Fast and precise remote cable problem localization in real time

Diagnostic based on excellent visualization

Remote maintenance, administration and monitoring

How Mondis Energy works

Initial parameters of interest and monitoring

Initial parameters of interest and monitoring

Initial parameters of interest and monitoring

Water detector (leakage) –prevent flood detection

Site access monitoring (control) – motion detection sensor, attached to the front door or manhole cover. The sensor will provide data each time someone tries to access a facility

Video monitoring upon predefined event e.g. open door, other events or per operator’s request

Mondis Energy

Monitoring health status of overhead power lines and cable power lines in syb-urban areas

Transformer stations

Real time electrical load and environment monitoring of the distribution grid – MV

Case Studies

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