Loren Networks AD - new membership in 'German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce'

We are proud to be proud of our latest membership in the ‘German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce’.

We thank our colleagues for their trust and we look forward to working together!

For more information: https://bit.ly/352XKUj

"Очите и ушите" на хранителната индустрия

Последвайте линка, за да се запознаете с най-новата статия на в. Капитал за IoT приложенията в бизнеса. https://bit.ly/3FL61Zl

Проект и главна цел : BG 16RFOP002 2.089

Проект и главна цел: BG 16RFOP002-2.089


Административен договор: BG 16RFOP002-2.089-4789-C1Бенефициент: Лорен Нетуъркс А Д
Обща стойност: 50 000 лв., от които 50 000 лв. европейско финансиране и 0 лв. национално съфинансиране.
Начало: 06.12 .2021 г.
Край: 21.12.2021 г.


Dear partners,

Loren Networks presents the new issue N5 of the bulletin “Tech innovation review”. The main goal of the initiative is to keep you updated of current news, products and services in the field of IT, network and power equipment from leading manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, Fujitsu, Eltek, Delta, as well as local productions. 

Thank you for your trust and support over the years! Follow the link to read the newsletter! NEWSLETTER 5 LOREN


Especially for you, we have created a new section “Promotions” on our website, where you can find latest information about discounted products, sales offers and special campaigns related to the products offered by Loren Networks. Follow the link to the category:https://bit.ly/3ftn1K5

We are proud to present you our new partnership with VIVACOM

We are proud to present you our new partnership with VIVACOM. LorenNetworks is an IoT partner of the Bulgarian telecom operator for the services Viva Smart Locator and Viva Smart Monitor. Expect details!

Loren Networks is offering you a Delta UPS - Amplon Family Promo Catalogue

Delta UPS – Amplon Family

1kVA or higher, Single-Phase UPS

Delta’s Amplon family UPS Series offers single-phase double-conversion UPS systems for power rating requirements above 1kVA that support medium to small network devices, security and surveillance systems and POS systems. It includes the E series of true online double conversion UPSs, which provides long backup time; the N series, which provides continuous and stable power to critical loads; and the RT series with the full-time protection and output power factor of low iTHD in a rack or tower configuration.

For more information: please follow the link: UPS delta Promo Catalogue

Loren Networks presents the new issue of the newsletter "Tech innovation review"

Dear partners,

Loren Networks presents the new issue of the bulletin “Tech innovation review”. The main goal of the initiative is to keep you updated of current news, products and services in the field of IT, network and power equipment from leading manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, Fujitsu, Eltek, Delta, as well as local productions. Many of our partners have shown interest in the new products we develop and this has inspired us to send you regular information about the main trends in the telecom market.

Thank you for your trust and support over the years! Follow the link to read the newsletter: NEWSLETTER October


Expect a new product from Loren Networks soon, launched jointly with one of the Bulgarian telecommunications companies.


Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 is an optical-electrical integrated WDM transmission device designed for Data Center Interconnect (DCI). It features the highest performance (88T/fiber), simplest design (deployment within 8 minutes from scratch), and highest reliability (twice the industry average). This product helps you cope with DCI challenges in the intelligent era. Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 is widely applicable to DCI scenarios for industries and enterprises with high digitalization, including providers, MTDCs, IXPs, finance, and large enterprises.

Please follow the link for more information: Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 Product Brochure

Loren Networks presents Huawei CloudEngine S1730

Huawei CloudEngine S1730 series switches are easy to install and maintain and come with a wide range of service features,series switches are easy to install and maintain and come with a wide range of service features, helping customers build secure, reliable, and high performance networks. There are two types of CloudEngine S1730S series switches: web managed switches and fully managed switches.

Please follow the link for more information: CloudEngine S1730S Series Switches

Loren Networks is a representative and authorized parter of Eltek

Loren Networks is a representative and authorized partner of Eltek (A Delta Group Company), a world leader in high – efficiency power electronics and energy conversion. The company provide delivery, training, integration and implementation services, warranty and post warranty maintenance of the Eltek products. The company offers a wide range of power innovative products and different solutions for Telecom, Railway&Metro, Power utilities, Data centers, Marine and Offshore, etc. which helps customers to reduce costs and time:

  • The Rectiverter is a new concept in power conversion. It combines the functionality of a rectifier, an inverter and a static transferswitch in one bidirectional power module. (DC 230V/1500VA AC and 48V/1200W DC); More information: Rectiverter 2U Power Core, 6kVA 1ph; Rectiverter 2U Power Core, 6kVA 1ph
  • Modular power supply systems with a wide range of voltages  (24VDC, 48VDC, 60VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC) and outputs (from 250W to 1MB);
  • Modular invertor systems with a wide range of voltages  (48VDC, 60VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC) and outputs  (from 2,25kVA to 40kVA);
  • DC/DC converters;
  • Hybrid solutions – compatitable with different energy types sorces – solar system, wind and diesel generators, general electrification network;
  • UPS systems;
  • AC/DC diesel generators;
  • Li-ion and VRLA batteries with different applications;
  • Multi site monitoring systems;
  • Fully integrated power supply solutions

Please follow the link for more Eltek  products and solutions: http://lorennetworks.com/products/power-innovative-products/


Svetoslav is engaged in the development and implementation of IoT solutions in our company. He has a wide experience in 4G network implementation the 4G network and planning the first 5G city in Europe. Svetoslav Dimitrov has a master’s degree in telecommunications. Even as a student he gained experience in Bulgarian telecoms in various scholarship and internship programs. As a radio engineer at Nokia, he has been involved in various 4G network planning and optimization projects in Europe, including a largest 4G swap and roll-out projects in England, where he is a technical lead; 4G feature design in Denmark and various 2G / 3G / 4G activities for Bulgarian telecoms. His latest task is to plan Europe’s first 5G city, Poland, where he heads the planning team. Due to his successful project management skills, he graduated in Project management and started working as a Product manager in Loren Networks. As a part of the team, he is responsible for development and implementation of IoT solutions.

In his free time he is completely devoted to creative activities. He is a musician, composer, performer, non-professional actor, swing and blues dancer, poet and writer. In 2017 he published his debut novel, and in early 2021 his next book is expected, which will be a psychological and philosophical novel. His creative biography also includes – several times host of an international festival, participant in several theater productions and performances, guest host of a television show, selector of a radio reality show and composer of a theater play.

Svetoslav also likes to climb mountains. It has been on the highest peaks in Bulgaria, Greece and Slovenia. He loves photography, cooking and traveling to new, unknown destinations. One of his favorite hobies is doing something for the first time.


Look for the new issue of Energia magazine from the specialized publishing house El Media. You will read about our latest innovatione in the field of infrastructure maintenance and protection.

Loren Networks is presenting Tech Innovation Review
We are proud to announce a new project- monthly Tech innovation review newsletter, created specially for those who are interested to know more about the new technical trends in power supply and ICT innovations!
The main goal of the bulletin is to inform you about the latest news, products and services in the field of IT, network and power supply equipment from leading manufacturers such as Huawei, Nokia, Fujitsu, Eltek, Delta, as well as local industries. We will introduce you to our highly qualified specialists who support the preparation, installation and maintenance processes.
Many of our partners have shown interest in the new products we develop and this inspired us to send you regular information about the main trends in the telecom market.
Thank you for your support and trust!
Please follow the link for more information: June_Loren_Newsletter
Loren Networks is Delta Authorized Service partner





We are proudly announsing that we are Delta Authorized Servise partner for UPSs installation. Our colleagues have successfully fulfilled the certification requirements for the program.

Our team could support you with:
 Apply proper first-aid measures to support the problem finding process.
 Bring the UPS into a safe operation mode in order to protect the load of the customer.
 Deal with customers in a professional and sales-oriented manner with keeping Delta’s
business interests in mind.
 Safely install a UPS system.
 Properly fill in and archive the commissioning protocol.
 Read and record UPS events.
 Upload and download firmware to the UPS controller.

New Mondis product for long distance monitoring- 50km

Mondis MFOLR Plug-In module for monitoring fiber optic cables up to 50km long.

Mondis Fiber Optic Long Range that extends the capabilities of the Mondis system in terms of up to 50 km optical fiber integrity degradation and attenuation changes monitoring.

For more information: https://bit.ly/33u3Yr4

Loren Networks is official partner of Fujitsu

We are proud to announce that we are now an official representative of Fujitsu General. With the new partnership, we are expanding our portfolio of integrated intelligent communications solutions, in an effort to meet the growing needs of the market!

Loren Networks AD participated in the forum "Education for Economic Growth and Social Inclusion - the Role of the Municipalities"

The forum was attended by scientists,  business and local government representatives who gathered to disscuess the practice and enrich them with new solutions for skills and competences, for younger creativity and entrepreneurship. In the discussion, participants in the forum – over 150 mayors, representatives of higher and secondary education, business from the Smolyan region and the country commented on good practices and new ideas for adequate response of the local authorities, the European and national vision for the role of education in the context of the challenges of Era 4.0.

Loren Networks supports the popularization of the contribution of Bulgarian scientists to world space technologies

The Foundation Vision for Science and Technology Growth, together with the State Agency Archives, has organized an exhibition dedicated to prof. Widen Tabakoff – the Bulgarian who was included in the team of Wernher von Braun, thus later contributing to the landing of Neil Armstrong on the Moon. The Foundation had transferred his documents from the University of Cincinnati, USA to the State Agency Archives, and had since worked on creating a scholarship fund for students in his name. The exhibition opening will be held on September 14, 2018, at 11 am, in the exhibition hall of the State Agency Archives in Sofia, 5 Moskovska Street and will be exhibited until 07.10.2018. In this regard, we would like to invite you to the opening. The US Ambassador, Mr. Eric Rubin, confirmed that he will participate and highlight Professor Tabakoff’s contribution to the US space program. For participation in this part of the event. Later that day – at 2 pm in the panoramic restaurant of Sense Hotel, located on 16 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., there will be a reception for donors for the Fund in the name of Prof. Widen Tabakoff for scholarships.



E-Infratech Conference 2018

At the Sofia e-Infratech forum on Thursday 21 June 2018, organized by Investor.bg, Mr. Garvin Shoyerman of Eltek Germany discussed how technology solutions are providing new business models for IT, energy and infrastructure providers. Speakers from Microsoft Bulgaria, HPE Careers , А1 Bulgaria, Lirex, ABB , EKO BulgariaWolf Theissand Fluence took part in the event. For more information: https://e-infratech.investor.bg/

Loren Networks and Huawei organized ICT-Connect Bulgaria Event

On 31.05.2018 was held “Huawei ICT-Connect Bulgaria Event” where was discussed on how can be created a successful ICT Business in Bulgaria. The event took place in CAPITAL FORT. There were lecturers by Loren Networks, Huawei, Vivacom, Risk Electronics, Solytron and others.




Loren Networks is looking for new employee

Along with our business, our team continues to grow and we need reinforcement for its enlargement. We are looking for positive, proactive and professional people to join us for positions:

Account Manager’:


  • Actively seeking and attracting new customers for the products and service portfolio of Loren Networks.
  • Assisting in planning and implementing a sales plans and strategy.
  • Support Business Development with enquiries and follow up to ensure all activities are maximized
  • Identify sales opportunities and business partnerships.
  • Manage a portfolio of customer accounts including all commercial aspects from order processing through to product supply and installation, ensuring relationships with key personnel internally and externally are effectively managed.
  • Negotiate best commercial and technical conditions of contracts for both new and existing accounts and Company partners
  • Ensure all activities associated with accounts are appropriately and effectively communicated throughout the Company.
  • Communicate on a regular basis all activities concerned with the management and Partners.
  • Raise Loren Networks’ market share and profile through marketing activities and extended partnership.


  • Commercially qualified with Sales Management and Marketing experience
  • Considerable knowledge and understanding of the Telecommunications and Power supply market and related products
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to build internal and external relationships
  • Competent in negotiation skills
  • Strategic and analytical thinker
  • Computer proficiency
  • English language proficiency, second language (German) is an advantage

We offer:

  • Interesting job in a dynamic team of professionals
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Corporate training from a leading manufacturer in the Telco and Power sector

If your qualifications correspond to our requirements and you would like to become a part of our team of professionals, please send a cover letter and CV with a photo in English to office@lorennetworks.com.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Loren Networks representatives visiting Oslo

Loren Networks was invited by “CEENOR Association”, Bulgaria, (CEENOR – Central Eastern Europe – Norway), in cooperation with the Norwegian company International Development Norway AS (www.id-norway.com), to take part in workshop and networking meetings for sharing know-how, professional experience and achievements and partner search in the area of BG04 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programme. The event will took place in Oslo, Norway on 24 and 25 October 2017.

The topics for the meetings were:

Day 1:

  • Energy market / systems in Norway and their integration with Europe
  • Renewable energy sources in Norway (policies and good practices)
  • Mandatory Smart Meter in Norway and its application
  • Innovative projects and products in Norway related to Smart Grid
  • Suppliers and solution in the field of energy systems in Norway
  • Possible areas of cooperation between Bulgaria and Norway

Day 2:

Working meetings with Norwegian companies, members of the SmartGrid Services Cluster and the Mid-Norway Renewable Energy Cluster.

The program shows that good practices and knowledge will be shared and we will have the opportunity to meet Norwegian companies and discuss possibilities for partnership in the future.

The event is financed under the BG04 Program “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy”, the Bilateral Relations Fund financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

Тhe Rectiverter, a breakthrough in Power Electronics technology

Game changing new technology delivers bi-directional AC/DC power flows, combining the functions of a rectifier, an inverter and a transfer technology in a single module. Drammen, Norway, on 3rd of February 2016 Eltek announced the launch of the Rectiverter, a power conversion module combining the functions of a rectifier, an inverter and a “static transfer switch” in one.


The Rectiverter is a 3-port bidirectional converter that simplifies solutions providing both AC and DC power to critical loads in telecom, data center and industrial applications. It features a power conversion efficiency of 96% in mains mode and 94% when operating as an inverter. Combining a rectifier, which converts AC to DC, and an inverter, which converts DC to AC into one box simplifies the power system complexity, reduces system size and improves overall system reliability, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership over the product lifetime. Eltek’s first product on the market is the Rectiverter High Efficiency, delivering 230V/1500VA AC and 48V/1200W DC.


It features high power conversion efficiency, and is controlled by a single Eltek Smartpack controller. Rectiverter systems are available as single or 3 phase, input and output, and can be scaled to meet any power demand. “The Rectiverter is the first new technology development in modular power conversion for many years and it’s a big step into more efficient, more reliable power infrastructure,” said Morten Schoyen, chief marketing officer of Eltek. “It is a product that fits in well in applications where we today use rectifiers and inverters separately, and will open doors to new exciting opportunities” added Mr. Schoyen. “To integrate a rectifier and an Inverter in the same box, with bidirectional power flow and still maintain high efficiency is an impressive achievement,” said Dr. Tore M. Undeland, Prof Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).


“The Rectiverter is based upon Eltek’s world-class expertise in power electronics, applied in a unique fashion. I am enthusiastic about the future potential for the Rectiverter and what this technology will bring in its future evolution,” he added. The Rectiverter fits in well in all main business segments for Eltek. The first version is based on 48VDC and has a maximum capacity of 1500 VA for AC and 1200W of DC. The total capacity of a module is 2000W (AC and DC combined). Rectiverter solutions are available and the production ramp-up is ongoing.

New issue of the TECH INNOVATION REVIEW newsletter

The latest issue of our newsletter has been published with up-to-date information about the innovations in the technological world. Learn about innovations in IoT solutions and how new technologies can improve the efficiency of your business.  See more: NEWSLETTER 03/21