Effective management systems and automation tools are critical to providing world-class IT services as balancing QoS, financial, and security requirements becomes an increasingly demanding challenge. Huawei offers a complete suite of software solutions for planning, provisioning, and managing IT infrastructure for the modern enterprise. Systems are designed to keep pace with evolving technologies and user needs, while simplifying work flows with user-friendly, graphical software interfaces.


The result is safe, secure, high-performance enterprise IT infrastructure at the lowest total cost of ownership.



Huawei’s unified software suite for planning, operating, and maintaining complex enterprise ICT infrastructure — from global, converged networks and data centers to multimedia and video communications — that includes the facilities necessary for delivering high-performance, resilient IT services.

eSight provides an open, flexible platform that supports infrastructure and devices from third-party providers, and makes it easy to develop custom management applications.

From planning and design to provisioning and troubleshooting, the eSight Management System improves O&M efficiency, reduces costs, optimizes resource utilization, and ensures responsive, high-availability systems.


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