Loren Networks is your trusted partner for Telecom and Data refurbished equipment. The company offers the relevant products of the following leading producers:



Alcatal: 7705, 7710, 7750, 7450

Cisco: 800/1000/2000/3000 ME series, 7200/7600 series, ESR series, ASR

Huawei: series NE40E, NE80E

Juniper: M20, M7i, M10i, M40E, M120, M320, MX series, J, T, E, SRX series

Nortel: Ome6500



Alcatel: Omniswitch

Ciena: CN5300

Cisco: 2000/3000/4000/6500 series, GSR/CRS series

Huawei: Quidway

Juniper: EX, ERX, QFX series

Nortel: OME6500

Siemens: HiD6600


Cisco: ASA

KEMP: Load Balancer

Radware: OnDemand Switch

Barracuda: ADC Load Balancer



Cisco: cBR-8, uBR10012, uBR7225VXR, uBR7246VXR

Arris: C3, C4, C4C, D5

Motorola: BSR1000, BSR2000, BSR64000


Carrier data

Ciena: CN5300

Nokia: 7750, 7450, 7210, 7710





Adva: FSP1500, FSP3000

Alcatel: 1626LM, 1830PSS, 1850TSS, 1696, 1686

Ciena: CN4200, OM6500

Cisco: ONS150000 series

Coriant: 7090, 7100

ECI: DTX-360, DTX-240, XDM1000

Huawei: OM6100, BWS1600, OSN1800, OSN3800/6800/8800

Infinera: DTN, ATN, DTN-x

Lucent: OLS 80G, OLS 400G

Nortel: LH1600, OME6500, OM5200

Siemens: HiT7300 series, HiT7500 series

Transmode: TM300, TM3000



Alcatel: 1650, 1660, 1670, 1642EM, 1640Fox, 1678MCC

Cisco: ONS150000 series

ECI: XDM1000, OM3100, OM500/1000

Ericsson: OMS800/1200/1600/3200

Lucent: ADM4/16/1, ADMS/U, AMS/U, Lambda Unite 1675

Marconi: MSH41C, MSH64C, MSH84, SMA 1-16

Nortel: TN1C, TN1X, TN4X, TN16X, OME6100, OME6500, OM4200

Siemens: SXA256, SMA1-16, HiT7000 series



Alcatel: ASAM7300, ISAM7300

Huawei: MA5600

Siemens: HiX5000



Cisco: Open SDN Controller

Juniper: GFX5200

HP: Virtual Application Network

TDM Switching


Alcatel: S12, E10

Ericsson: AXE10, ADD

Lucent: 5ESS

Marconi: System X

Nortel: DMS

Siemens: EWSD



Lucent: Any Media

Nokia: Synfonet

Nortel: Meridian



Alcatel: Evolium A9100/MBx/TRADx Microwave LUX 900 series ODU, IDU BSC 9400 with MT120

Nokia: Talk & Site Family/3G  Flexi Talk, Nokia Flexihopper/Metrohopper

Nortel: S6000/S8000/S12000

Huawei: Insite/BTS 3012XX

Ericsson: RBSXX/AXE810/MLE

Microwaves: Minilink/ NERA Evolution/Caregon/SIAE

Data storage


Dell/EMC: PowerVault



Dell: PowerEdge

HP: Proliant

Sun: Fire, Netra, SPARC