Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communication integrates voice, video, and data, and delivers one-stop, collaborative, industry-specific communications. These communication solutions for government and enterprise customers include video conferencing, unified communications, and contact centers. Break through geographical restrictions and improve operational efficiency: Use these solutions in a conference room, from your desktop, mobile office devices, or a regional branch office. Key features include:


  • Converged to cloud-based communications
  • Open, cost-effective solutions
  • Improved industrial and office workflow processes


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IdeaHub is a perfect option for video conferencing in office spaces (meeting rooms, offices, open office spaces and exhibition halls).

IdeaHub integrates functionality for telepresence, whiteboard, and video conferencing in the cloud, and has access to a variety of applications.


  • Designed to support and facilitate digital transformation in many industries;
  • Up to 20 devices can be connected to the IdeaHub using various projection modes, such as IdeaShare;
  • Allows use as a writing board by hand;
  • Built-in HUAWEI CLOUD Meeting, AVC (including SVC hybrid) and H.264 SVC technologies offer a variety of deployment options;
  • Ideal for online live meetings with a 4K camera, 12-microphone grille combined with Huawei audiovisual algorithm and achieve automatic framing;
  • Easily download great apps in Huawei AppGallery.


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