Mondis is а Cable Control System for monitoring, diagnostic and protection of telecommunications cables.


Features and Benefits:

  •  Fast and precise cable events localization in real time;
  •  Excellent visualization in real time – Integrity (cable cut and fiber attenuation or extension) of telecommunication cable routes and infrastructure elements;
  • Immediately alerts to maintenance teams (NOC), police or corporate security simultaneously;
  • Significant reduction in losses and fast traffic recovery;
  • Remote maintenance, administration and monitoring;
  • Web based interface;
  • Multiscreen visualization;
  • Monitor dark and active fibers;
  • Easy multifunctional and distance reconfiguration for FO cables and infrastructure;
  • Preventive maintenance efficiency;
  • Excellent Quality/Price ratio;
  • “Plug & Play” adaptation in an already built network;
  • No need of any additional expenses intervention on the existing and already built cable network;
  • No need of any additional expenses for excellent visualization of cable trace and accurate localization;
  • High reliability, automatic back-up and data redundancy;
  • E-mail and SMS notifications.