Vivacom Smart Locator provides the ability to monitor mobile assets.

With VivaSmart Locator you can track the location and direction of your important assets in real time.

You receive notifications in case of deviation from the rules set by you in advance. You can divide assets into groups by attribute, create geozones, and track history.

  • Moving vehicles – cars, trucks, bicycles, scooters, mopeds.
  • Mobile items – shipments, letters, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Animal species – farm animals, stray animals. Observation of people – employees, patients, etc.

What is Vivacom Smart IoT?
Terminals collecting information about the asset. Send the measurement data via the LoRa / GSM network.

Centralized cloud system that collects and processes data from devices.

The Vivacom Smart IoT platform IoT visualizes end-user data in a mobile application or web-based interface.


Why buy Vivacom Smart Locator?

Optimization of operating costs – reducing the cost of human resources, consumables, fuels, cars and others depending on the specifics of different businesses;

Optimization of investments – with protection of the assets the investment costs for purchase of machines, equipment, etc. are reduced;

Investments based on customer growth;

Business practices and trends analysis, opportunity to take corrective action;

Analysis and reassessment of the internal processes of the companies and increase of their efficiency and productivity;


Advantages of VivaSmart Locator:
Simultaneous monitoring of various sites – warehouses, offices, technological premises, etc.
No need of constant power supply – a replaceable battery.
Open platform – easy to integrate with existing customer systems Easy to install – stand-alone and fast installation of devices and applications.
Real-time monitoring of fixed assets and all types of inventory.
Long device battery life and energy saving consumption.