Vivacom Smart Monitor provides an opportunity to monitor the environmental condition of assets, measure temperature and humidity.

Receive notifications and alarms in case of deviation from set rules

Providing reports for a given user period

Easy installation and long battery life


The service is suitable for:

Warehouses Logistics

Bases Server and technological premises



Soil monitoring

Possibility for customized solutions


What the platform offers:

Positioning of objects on a map.

Visualize the status of assets.

Geolocation – areas for localization of sites.

Tracks – history of routes Separation of groups – division of objects by type or other characteristics.

Specially created application

Multi-screen visualization – desktop and mobile devices

Multilingual platform

Defining platform access levels

Prepare reports and export to .xls file

Graphic visualization Rules – setting conditions for sending notifications in case of deviation from set values.

Associate different devices to one asset.



Why buy Viva Smart Monitor?
Simultaneous monitoring of various sites – warehouses, offices, technological premises, etc.
No need of constant power supply- a replaceable battery available.
Easy to install – stand-alone and fast installation of devices and applications.
Data analysis – Exporting data to .xls files allows their subsequent analysis and processing.
Protection and control of the property and assets of the companies.
Remote asset management and control.