VivaSmart Monitor provides an opportunity to monitor the environmental condition of assets, measure temperature and humidity.

Receive notifications and alarms in case of deviation from set rules

Providing reports for a given user period

Easy installation and long battery life


The service is suitable for:

Warehouses Logistics

Bases Server and technological premises



Soil monitoring

Possibility for customized solutions


What the platform offers:

Positioning of objects on a map.

Visualize the status of assets.

Geolocation – areas for localization of sites.

Tracks – history of routes Separation of groups – division of objects by type or other characteristics.

Specially created application

Multi-screen visualization – desktop and mobile devices

Multilingual platform

Defining platform access levels

Prepare reports and export to .xls file

Graphic visualization Rules – setting conditions for sending notifications in case of deviation from set values.

Associate different devices to one asset.



Why buy Viva Smart Monitor?
Simultaneous monitoring of various sites – warehouses, offices, technological premises, etc.
No need of constant power supply- a replaceable battery available.
Easy to install – stand-alone and fast installation of devices and applications.
Data analysis – Exporting data to .xls files allows their subsequent analysis and processing.
Protection and control of the property and assets of the companies.
Remote asset management and control.